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  • Honey Stix
  • Honey Stix

PREMIUM LOCAL HONEY - Ten and Six Teas' natural honey sticks are sourced and made in Ogden, Utah, the beehive state. We specialize in only the highest quality raw honey and provide you with a premium product you can trust.

DELICIOUS & NUTRITIOUS - Each of our honey sticks is made with pure clover honey and features BPA-free packaging for added wellness benefits. At 5 grams of honey and 15 calories per stick, our product contains no added sugar or coloring.

HEALTHY SNACK ON-THE-GO - Great drizzled over ice cream or squeezed right from the straw into a waiting mouth, there is simply no wrong way to enjoy this treat from nature. Grab a straw and savor it on your way out the door anytime, anywhere!

PERFECT BEVERAGE SWEETENER - Our honey sticks are the perfect coffee, hot chocolate, and tea sweetener! Enjoy some additional flavor and healthy sweetness with our convenient grab and go flavored straws!

QUICK & CONVENIENT - Each of our BPA-free honey packs is designed to open easily with just one pop--no scissors needed! If your honey sticks begin to crystallize, simply put them in hot water on the stove or in a sunny window to reliquify.

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Important information
Safety Information

Do not feed to infants under 1 year old. If providing to a child please insure that child does not run with straw in mouth.


Ingredients: Pure Clover Honey


To open a honey stick bend one end to create pressure as you pinch the opposite end to pop open the seal or use scissors to cut open one end.